How Do Teeth Whitening Products Work?

Teeth whitening products all have one common ingredient. And if you guessed peroxide, you are right!

Whether it is carbamide or hydrogen peroxide, both are very successful to whiten your teeth. So let's get to know the reason why this happens.

You might also be familiar with the term peroxide already. Well it is a chemical that is commonly used to prevent infection. The common peroxide products are used to clean wounds of many sorts or as a mouth rinse. Peroxide reacts with oxygen molecules. This reaction results to disinfection and removal stains  through the process of oxidation.

The use of peroxide in teeth whitening is to break apart teeth stains by reacting to the oxygen molecules of it. This way the peroxide in easier terms, bleaches your teeth and gives it back its natural color. It restores not only the color but the confidence to smile as well!

This is how teeth whitening basically works. There is nothing very special just how it makes your smile ready at all occasions.

Teeth whitening peroxide products are medical grade and safe to use.

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