What is the Best Peroxide Gel Pen?

Different gel pens show different results. So the answer to the question depends on what you want to achieve.

Different concentration of peroxide gel pens matter when it comes to how white you want your teeth to become. Like how a higher concentration of peroxide will whiten a teeth with darker stains, a teeth whitening technician will be able to assess your teeth to use the right gel pen for you.

Different peroxide concentration are the following:

  • BlackOut Pens:¬†35% hydrogen peroxide formula
  • Gold Series Gel Pens:¬†28% hydrogen peroxide formula
  • Classic Silver Gel Pens:¬†18% hydrogen peroxide formula
  • Carbamide Peroxide Gel Pens: ¬†16% carbamide peroxide*

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Other gels are also used when to compliment the teeth whitening peroxide gel pens give.

Blue Gel Gums are gingival protectors for teeth whitening. It is a gel that completely hardens and is applied to protect the gum line when using the peroxide gel pens.

Remineralization Gels are used after removing the peroxide off your teeth. It allows minerals to fill small invisible lesions after the teeth whitening treatment. It returns vital minerals and vitamins to you teeth and strengthens tooth enamel.

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